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Owner, MBA, RYT 200, RYT 500 In Process

I found hot yoga after suffering injuries in a car accident. I was in such bad shape, physically and mentally, I didn’t know how I was going to go another 10, 20, 40-plus years in my body. Hot yoga quickly alleviated lots of problems and ignited a passion in healing and recovery.

I have a husband and four kids. It was no small feat finding time for myself on my mat, but I did it. I prioritized that time for myself (Yes! We can do that!) and it has changed my world. Coming to my mat, being aware of my body, my mind, my breath. Moving my body through the poses. Noticing how things change; somedays I improve and sometimes I regress. Some days everything is so hard. And somedays, I do my practice like a boss. (In my mind, at least!) You can never know how it will play-out when you step onto your yoga mat.

I believe we are all our own best teachers; a good teacher will facilitate this innate awareness. I think everyone’s bodies and practices are different, and we are all coming to our mats for our own reasons. An awesome teacher, rockin’ playlist, clean studio, hot room, yoga squad, all of it is secondary to the simple act of just getting to your own mat for your practice.

I completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification program and launched Motto Yoga as a place for people to gather, heal, improve, relax, just be. And sweat! I’ve also received additional training in anatomy and kinesiology for Hatha Yoga with Tish Hegel, B.S. Kinesiology, E-RYT, ACSM Personal Trainer; the Myofascial Release Melt Method with Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT; and Yoga Nidra. I began the 500 hour training program with Yoga Medicine in 2017 and have completed the Spine Anatomy Dysfunction and Application, Myofascial Release, Yin & Meditation, and Cadaver Lab Modules.

I studied business in college and graduated with degrees in marketing and business administration. I love to travel and do hot yoga. I live in Gilbert with my husband, children, and miniature schnauzer, Coconut. Follow me on Instagram at @intention_focused_yoga

Lead Teacher, E-RYT 500

I started my yoga journey in 2008. I completed a 500-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification program and have taught over 1,000 hours of classes. My passion is helping people feel good about themselves and understanding that we all can keep learning and growing; there is always room for more!
I'm a licensed massage therapist and have been massaging for over 15 years. I'm a proud mother of grown twins, and a grandmother to two. I live in Mesa with my husband and miniature schnauzers, Burberry and Baxter. You can reach me at with any questions.

E-RYT 200

I found yoga in 2007 as way to release stress and connect with my inner self. When I enrolled in Teacher Training under the direction of John Salisbury at Dave's Ashtanga Yoga School in early 2015, my intention was to simply deepen my practice. During this training, my knowledge of yoga expanded greatly and I was transformed as a yoga practitioner, physically as well as spiritually. It was then that I felt compelled to share, connect and advance with everyone by guiding students through their practices.

RYT 200

I thought I'd check-out this thing called "yoga" at my local gym in 2010. After one class, I was hooked! Not only did I get a fantastic physical work-out, which I expected, but I got something more that calmed me and actually changed my personality! I found myself becoming more and more stressed and tense with the pressures of daily life, and I didn’t like it. A consistent yoga practice brought me a stronger body and a calmer, more focused mind. I am so thankful I found this practice before becoming a parent! Yoga helps me be a better mother and also model a better way for my children.
A fortuitous job change in 2013 led me to yoga teacher training. Yoga had become a part of me and I wanted to share it with others. I completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training program and began teaching. I've also completed additional training in alignment and yoga sequencing.

I live in Gilbert with my husband; children; six rescue dogs, Snoopy, Bambi, Ginger, Leah, Pepper, and Wheezy; and cat, Zoe.


RYT 200

I was forced to find an activity other than running, one that took me out of the elements because of my weakened immune system and problems with my hip, an injury that occurred while completing a half-marathon. Tired of a regular gym workout and in need of something more challenging and beneficial, I came across hot yoga. A free two-week trial at the beginning of Motto Yoga’s life turned into a lifetime commitment! And now, through regular practice I not only have a stronger, firmer mind and body, but my immunity has strengthened! My practice has transcended into my daily life, and I'm happy to find myself using the strategies learned through yoga to help balance and nurture my family, mind, and body. I love sharing my practice with my two young children who thoroughly enjoy the playfulness yoga has to offer. My focus is on the healing aspect of yoga and how it can be applied to help restore and repair a person’s mental well-being along with their physical. I feel that the two are very-much connected. Because of this interest, I decided to enroll into Motto Yoga’s first teacher-trainee program where I received my RYT 200 certification in October 2016. I plan to broaden my yoga teaching through pertinent trainings, workshops and education.

RYT 200

Lisa lives in Washington-yes, that rainy place! Her kids have a faint memory of AZ but she still calls it home and never stops dreaming about the sunshine! When not practicing yoga, she loves to camp, hike, read, sing, travel, exercise, laugh, and learn. She finds joy connecting with others and spending time with her husband and two kids.

Although she was introduced to yoga many years ago, her real yoga journey began when she connected to her breath. "For me, yoga was a series of challenging movements or frustrating poses, or hot sweaty studios and stinky people, or ego promoting/crushing exercises that made me more determined but then one day things started to shift and change. Ya know, sometimes you HEAR something during class and other times you are LISTENING. It was a cue, a prompt, and then a feeling. I had heard it before, but wasn't truly listening. Everything changed when I began to focus on breathing. How can my breath help me here on my mat, in my life or in a moment? Now, for me, yoga is healing, yoga is exercise, yoga is meditation, yoga is love, forgiveness and acceptance, yoga is so much and yet as simple as breathing. I was amazed at what I had missed but excited about the journey ahead. I try to show upon my mat without expectations, just breathe and move and breathe more."

Her favorite way to make it through the day: Slow down, smile, and breathe.

RYT 200, RYT 500 In Process

Being a yoga instructor is far more than just a title to me. I am a witness to the powerful impact the practice has on practitioners and have a passion for showing my students how capable they really are. I find a playful balance in the classes I lead between honoring the history and principles of yoga and keeping class fresh and fun. I offer a place for my students to feel safe in their exploration of self and enjoy providing a sweaty and soothing practice filled with laughter and love.
Being a yoga instructor is about much more than just guiding students through a class and showing them how to get into poses. It's much more to me than just accomplishing the next coolest pose and taking my feet off the ground in fancy arm balances (don't get me wrong, I still love to play with them). Being a yoga instructor is about showing students how to serve themselves. Helping students see that they have an internal story and they need to turn down the volume of the outside world in order to read the story of themselves. I am so honored each and every time I am welcomed into a classroom to guide my students.

Before practicing yoga I didn't understand my body. When things hurt or I didn't feel well, I wouldn't be able to see where that pain was coming from. Now, after years of practice I can feel sickness coming. I can tell when things aren't aligned inside of me and I can feel when I need to take time to heal. In the physical sense, the emotional sense and the spiritual sense, yoga has given me magical powers to live my best life. What type of person would I be if I didn't at least try to help others in the same way?

In my classes I like to offer unique explorations of postures and sequences. Class will vary based on who shows up and what the individual students need. Class is not about performing, not for me as the teacher, or you as the student; it is about showing up raw, authentic and ready to listen to your body.

I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 with Jim Keegan, Yoga Nirvana.

I began my 500 hour training in 2014 with Yoga Medicine and have completed modules in Chinese Medicine; Myofascial Release; and Hip Anatomy, Dysfunction and Application; Spine Anatomy, Dysfunction and Application; Yin and Meditation; Shoulder Anatomy, Dysfunction and Application. 

D. Min., M. Div., MA, BS. RYT 200

I first saw yoga during a four-month trip to India in 1980, but I didn’t know what it was. Over three-decades later, I was led to yoga in Hawaii when, the day after moving furniture into a second floor apartment, I was on the floor in pain. I couldn’t walk due to a previous back injury which I sustained falling from a ladder in Michigan in 1997.

I suffered with a bad back for many years, but after starting yoga in Hawaii, and keeping a devoted practice, yoga has completely healed my back while slowly reforming my human biology and spiritual DNA. This is why I teach, why I write about yoga, and why I offer workshops and outreach to motorcyclists and others. It's a privilege, it's a joy, it's real.


I'm an alumnus of The Chicago Theological Seminary; The University of Wisconsin, La Crosse; Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Michigan; and Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio. I worked as an ordained clergy, college professor, corporate trainer, retreat leader, speech writer and public speaker. I write full time and teach YOGA AND LEATHER: Yoga for bikers at Superstition Harley Davidson in Apache Junction, Arizona. I'm an award winning non-fiction author and have published 60 yoga articles in the last three years in 11 national and international publications and journals. You can find my writings at


I was a typical stressed-out guy who couldn’t touch my toes. I tried to do and be everything to everyone, many times at the expense of myself. This resulted in an unhealthy lifestyle and high blood pressure. I also developed plantar fasciitis and other related problems due to a snowboarding accident which left me with a broken pelvis.
I found hot yoga in 2010 at age 41 and was hooked immediately. A consistent hot yoga practice along with healthier eating and positive attitude resulted in shedding over 55 + pounds in three years. Hot yoga helped me better manage my mind, ego, and how I handled everyday people and situations. I completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification and began teaching. I've taught over 1,000 hours and led several foundations workshops. I studied business in college and graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in business administration.
My daughter and son are two of my favorite yoga students and often help put together playlists for my classes. They always encourage me and inspire me to take my yoga teaching and fatherhood to the next level.

E-RYT 200

Lesley began a consistent practice to yoga in 2007. At the time she was an avid runner, but due to a back injury she needed to seek out other methods of receiving the same meditational and physical benefits. It didn’t take long before she realized her yoga practice was providing much more than she initially expected; it had positively changed and influenced who she was.
Lesley’s teaching style reflects over a decade of experience working as a coach and teacher of holistic health, wellness and personal development. Her classes are challenging, uplifting and yet approachable. She believes yoga is not only a way to strengthen the body, but strengthen the self. Her approach inspires students to look beyond the physical aspects of yoga both on and off their mats.

Lesley studied with John Salisbury earning her 200 hr RYT certification. In addition, she has also completed Leadership and Trauma Informed Yoga trainings with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling. Today she continues to further her studies with advanced trainings and education.

Lesley is a Realtor and life wellness coach, helping clients reach their full potential.

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