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Show Your Spine Some Love at Motto

Back pain affects almost everyone!  The American Academy of Family Physicians estimates that nine out of ten adults experience back pain at some point in their lives and that five out of ten working adults experience it every year. Fortunately, most cases are not permanently disabling and can be helped with proper medical care and rest. Still, in the US, lower back pain is the fifth most common reason for physician visits (see The Pain Physician, A Comprehensive Review of Epidemiology, Scope, and Impact of Spinal Pain).

A consistent yoga practice is one thing you can do to support a healthy spine. A healthy spine moves in four ways: 

  1. Flexion (forward folds);
  2. Extension (backward bends);
  3. Laterally (side bends); and
  4. Twists (rotating shoulders and/or hips along axial spine).

We will explore the keys to each of these movements over the coming weeks in future articles.

Developing and maintaining a healthy spine range of motion is critical to enjoying a mobile, active life. Moving the spine is one way to counteract the deterioration of the disks that lie between the vertebrae (see William Broad's book, The Science of Yoga). The vertebral disks of adults do not have blood supply of their own and rely on nearby vessels to nourish them. Normal aging diminishes these vessels, further drying out the disks and causing the trunk to shrink. The bending, twisting, and extending movements in yoga stimulate the spine and nourish the vertebrae. 

Show your spine lots of love with a consistent yoga practice at Motto Yoga.


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