What's in a Name?

MOTTO YOGA wasn’t the first choice when naming our yoga studio. The first choice was REMEDY YOGA. I fell in love with that name and felt it captured the very essence of how hot yoga had healed me. I had a logo made and ordered $500 worth of t-shirts with the logo emblazoned on the front chest. I was absolutely devastated when the US Patent & Trademark Office sent notification that I couldn’t trademark the name. A pharmacist in Orange County, CA had beat me to it and wouldn’t sell me the mark. (I asked.) Back to the drawing board! The lease was signed and the studio needed a name!

I started a NEW list of names. I vetted a list of 184 of them. I had to secure domain name, Facebook page, and Instagram account, among other things. A second application was made to the USPTO. Several months later, I received notice the trademark was mine.

When I pitched the name, people asked 1) what does it mean? and 2) how do you pronounce it? Does it rhyme with photo? (No.) I finally put a definition and pronunciation guide front and center on the web-page for clarification. Instead of being exasperated with people, I thanked them for caring enough to want to pronounce the name correctly.

Today, I love the name. I can’t imagine any other name for the studio. I love the monthly mantras we think about, talk about, emblazon on our chests.

This hurdle, naming the studio, wasn’t an easy process. It was a long, agonizing, expensive process. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. This process only strengthened my resolve and commitment to creating a space for people to gather, heal, improve, relax, just be. And sweat!

What about you? Have you ever overcome a seemingly insurmountable hurdle and carried on, only to look back and think you moved on to something better? Let me know how you persevered though challenges to victory and I’ll give you a neat reminder of one of my hurdles--a Remedy Yoga shirt. I’ve got 19 black tanks and 16 grey v-neck t-shirts left. #doyou #mottoyoga