Owner, MBA, RYT 200, RYT 500 In Process

I found hot yoga after suffering injuries in a car accident. I was in such bad shape, physically and mentally, I didn’t know how I was going to go another 10, 20, 40-plus years in my body. Hot yoga quickly alleviated lots of problems and ignited a passion in healing and recovery.

I have a husband and four kids. It was no small feat finding time for myself on my mat, but I did it. I prioritized that time for myself (Yes! We can do that!) and it has changed my world. Coming to my mat, being aware of my body, my mind, my breath. Moving my body through the poses. Noticing how things change; somedays I improve and sometimes I regress. Some days everything is so hard. And somedays, I do my practice like a boss. (In my mind, at least!) You can never know how it will play-out when you step onto your yoga mat.

I believe we are all our own best teachers; a good teacher will facilitate this innate awareness in others. I think everyone’s bodies and practices are different, and we are all coming to our mats for our own reasons. An awesome teacher, rockin’ playlist, clean studio, hot room, yoga squad, all of it is secondary to the simple act of just getting to your own mat for your practice.

I completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification program and launched Motto Yoga as a place for people to gather, heal, improve, relax, just be. And sweat! I’ve also received additional training in anatomy and kinesiology for Hatha Yoga with Tish Hegel, B.S. Kinesiology, E-RYT, ACSM Personal Trainer; the Melt Method with Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT; and Yoga Nidra. I began the 500 hour training program with Yoga Medicine in 2017 and have completed the Spine Anatomy Dysfunction and Application Module.

I studied business in college and graduated from USU and BYU with degrees in marketing and business administration. I love to travel and do hot yoga. I live in Gilbert with my husband, children, and miniature schnauzer, Coconut. Follow me on Instagram at @intention_focused_yoga

Sheila instructs the following:
  • Journey: 60
  • Beginner to advanced. 

    This all-levels hot yoga class is accessible to everyone, beginners to experienced students alike. Set to music in a room heated up to 102 degrees and at 40 percent humidity. This set-sequence class uses functional commands to direct students in and out of postures, blending the elements of true Hatha yoga and Ashtanga-inspired vinyasa power flow. You will work the entire body, toning your muscles, promoting a healthy weight, and reducing stress. This class is a journey you can take daily to improve yourself physically and mentally. Classes are 60 minutes.

  • Patience: Yin Trigger
  • Beginner to advanced. 
    Patience: Yin Trigger is the perfect complement to your Yang pursuits, which emphasize muscular effort and repetition. In this 60 minute class you'll hold poses for longer periods of time, typically 3-5 minutes each. This practice is slower paced and props may be used to focus on trigger points. You will target and alleviate tightness in deep connective tissue, ligaments, and joints. The slower pace of Yin also allows for a more meditative approach where you can calm that monkey mind. The room is not heated.

  • Yoga Medicine Seva Donation Class
  • Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation's mission is to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation by empowering global, impoverished communities through efforts of education and entrepreneurship. Join with us at Motto each month for a special donation class with all proceeds from class going toward the Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation. 

    This year, Yoga Medicine’s Seva Foundation is working with Her Future Coalition and Rescue Foundation to establish a new shelter 45 miles outside of New Delhi, near a Red Light District. This newly constructed shelter is scheduled to open its doors to survivors of human trafficking in 2017 and will house over 100 women and children.

    Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference.
    $30 – covers healthcare, shelter, nutritious meals, education, yoga and other recreational activities for one woman or child for a month.
    $100 – covers vocational training for one woman to gain an income generating trade or skill.

    $360 – covers healthcare, shelter, nutritious meals, education, yoga and other recreational activities for one woman or child for an entire year.

    $500 – covers a survivor’s dream to start or grow her own business. This may include, but is not limited to, fabric & supplies to make clothing, ink and materials for block printing, spices & machinery for grinding or metal & materials for jewelry making.

    $1000 – covers an entire year’s salary for one teacher or staff member of these shelters that devote their lives to the empowerment of woman and children.

    $5000 – covers the college education of a woman who dreams of a better life. Many of the women wish to continue their education beyond what the shelter offers. Becoming a nurse might mean they can help provide healthcare to their entire village or by becoming a veterinarian, provide neutering or spaying to the millions of stray animals in India. This donation creates a brighter future for the woman, her family and their community.