Kylee Ware

RYT 200

I fell in love with yoga in 2015. I had been searching for a workout that fit my needs, but one I truly enjoyed. Yoga was it, giving me the mind and body training while quenching my thirst for fun and excitement! When the opportunity arose to learn and grow more by taking an RYT 200 teacher training, I jumped at it!

I love teaching and leading people to find a healthier way of life. My background in dance supports my yoga journey, aiding in proper alignment and postures. I'm currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy. 

Kylee Ware instructs the following:
  • Strength: Yoga Sculpt
  • Beginner to advanced. 

    This class combines core-building yoga principles, high-intensity interval training, and cardio. This class is challenging, but there is no impact so it is safe for all fitness levels. Modifications are given to accommodate all students. Conducted in a heated room, this high-energy class builds strength and endurance. Props may be used. This class will help you build a stronger core; create long, lean muscles; increase flexibility, and burn fat. Room is heated to 95 degrees.