Motto instructs the following:
  • 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training
  • Ready to dive deeper into yoga?

    In our program you will do the following:

    *Learn the maps of alignment, and how to align, demonstrate, cue, modify, and correct poses for all five categories of asana, covering over 100 poses.
    *Find your voice and practice leading a group through a yoga practice. Study the learning process and apply those principles in sharing your love of yoga with others. Try-on different teaching styles and understand the qualities of an effective teacher.
    *Read yoga philosophies and traditional texts to explore why these traditions have endured for thousands of years and have growing appeal in the West.
    *Study anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology as it applies to yoga and learn how to keep your own practice safe and effective while you help your students develop sustainable practices.
    *Learn effective yoga business practices and ethics.
    *Practice and apply what you’ve learned in training in a structured mentoring program.


  • Plank Contest
  • IT'S PLANK TIME AT MOTTO YOGA. We're going to start a 30 day plank challenge, inspired by the incredible Cher. Seventy-one years old and she can hold a 5 minute plank. CC BY-SA 3.0

    In every yang-type yoga class (i.e. Journey, flow, sculpt, slow-flow) teachers are going to give clients the opportunity to plank. Clients can chart their progress on the chart at the studio if they’d like. (Optional; not required to participate in contest.) At the end of the challenge, we'll have a PLANK CONTEST.

    WINNERS will be entered into drawings for prizes including 1 month unlimited package, 10-class package, Motto swag, and prizes from fab local businesses.

    Challenge starts Wed, Aug 23 and will run through Sept 21. Plank contest will be SAT, SEPT 23 at 11:15am.